Cedar Shake Roofer in Brownsville, TX

Cedar roofing is a roofing system that is lightweight, strong, and eco-friendly. The price of this roofing material may be quite on the high side, but the cost is being made up for by the durability and longevity of the material. Also, it has nice finishing and will give your home a beautiful and elegant look.

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Benefits of Cedar Shake Roofs

There are numerous benefits you stand to gain if you install a cedar shake roof in your home, such as:

Cedar shake roofing materialResist the Elements

This is one of the many benefits of cedar shake roofing. It is designed to resist harsh weather elements like rain and wind. It can not be easily blown away, even by heavy wind.

The cedar roof shake roof is UV resistant plus it also resists the growth of moss and insect infection. It is also completely fireproof, which means when there’s a fire the roof will not aid the fire spread.


Cedar is popular for being one of the strongest types of wood. That’s why it’s being chosen time and again to build long-lasting roofs. Installing cedar shake roofing material enhances the overall strength and structure of your roof.


A cedar shake roof is perfect for controlling the heat and cold in your home. It provides warmth during winter and it cools the room during summer. Its insulation properties are top-notch and so it can help you conserve on your energy costs.

Cedar shake roofing anatomy

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