PVC Membrane Roofer in Brownsville

PVC Membrane Roofing is one of the most popular commercial roofing systems. It is a single-ply membrane that can protect any building for a long period and is also energy efficient.

Benefits of PVC Membrane Roofing Systems

Brownsville PVC Membrane RoofingDurable – Long Lasting

The PVC membrane roofing system is designed with heat-welded seams incorporated into it; it’s also a watertight bond that ensures water cannot find its way through it. This prolongs the lifespan of the roofing material and makes it last for longer.

Also, once you install a PVC roof, you can go on for years without needing to worry. Except for regular checkups and preventative roof maintenance, the PVC roof doesn’t require too much maintenance. It can last up to or more than 20 years. And through the years, it only requires minimal costs for maintenance or commercial roof repairs if need be.

PVC membrane doesn’t accommodate the growth of molds or bacteria because it’s not made of organic materials and this consequently cuts back on maintenance costs.

Versatile Resistance

Brownsville PVC Roofing MaterialPVC membrane is designed with high resistance to various elemental hazards. This means it doesn’t yield under the pressure of wind because its seams are welded. Research has it that PVC roofs can withstand a Category 3 hurricane.

PVC membrane is also designed to withstand and resist fire. It is usually hard to ignite and even when ignited they burn slowly and once the fire source is removed, the PVC stops burning.

Not only is the PVC membrane roof designed to be watertight, but it can also withstand the accumulation of water on the roof better than other roofing materials.

The Smart Choice Eco-Friendly

The materials that constitute the manufacturing of a PVC membrane are recyclable and they reflect the heat from the sun making them very energy efficient. This will save you cooling costs and act as a great insulator for your building.

Installing the Best PVC Roofing Systems

Brownsville PVC Roof DurolastAt McAllen Valley Roofing Co., we have the best team to help with the installation of all PVC membrane roofing systems ranging from Durolast, GAF and VERISCO.

Durolast is one of your best choices for PVC membrane roofing, it’s quite easy to install and it offers durable and long-term protection. It also comes with a great warranty.

GAF comes in different product styles, they include 50-mil, 60-mil and 80-mil; this is to ensure that every building it’s installed on enjoys adequate protection. Its highly reflective properties allow you to cut back on energy costs. This product offers a warranty of up to 25 years.

VERISCO is highly chemical resistant making it an excellent choice for any type of building. It also has a low thermal conductivity so you can save more on cooling costs. They also offer a great warranty.

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