Commercial Emergency Roofing Contractor

Our commercial roofing contractors are experienced in commercial emergency roofing repair due to harsh weather like hail and wind. With our emergency roofing services, we will stop the water from coming in and begin documenting the damage.

No matter what type of commercial roofing system you have, we can help and service it. We partner with property owners and property managers. Need a Commercial Emergency Roofer? Call 956-431-0251

Having an Emergency Roofing Issue?

When there’s a roof emergency, it’s best to remain calm and not panic. Although that can be hard, especially if your roof has been blown away by the harsh wind or a tree has fallen on your home. What you need is an emergency roofing service. We’re always here, 24/7.

The first thing to do during an emergency roofing issue is getting to safety. Once you are safe, you should then call us so that we can send our emergency team out there to get to work.

While you’re waiting for us, you may try to protect your interior valuables from the storm. You can also place buckets beneath the leaking roof to contain the water. Use tarps to cover the sofa, TV, and other important items you may have in the home.

Upon the arrival of our emergency team at your residence, we conduct a thorough inspection of how much damage the storm has caused. Then we document all of the storm damage for insurance purposes. In the meantime, we’ll be working to install a temporary emergency fix for your roof until we’re able to perform a commercial roof repair or commerical roof replacment. This is to prevent the damage from escalating into a bigger issue.

Our temporary emergency roof repairs typically consist of special tarps that will be used to secure the roof and prevent additional water from getting into your home. Depending on the severity of the damage, we may also need to board up the windows. It all boils down to how much damage was done to your commercial building.

In the case where the damage is so severe and you can’t manage it, you may need to find another place to stay until proper repairs can be made.

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Our team of Brownsville roofing experts is highly skilled in all aspects of commercial roofing, including roofing emergencies. If you have a roofing emergency, contact us at 956-431-0251 for a free estimate.